Research design and proposal writing [TU059/TU060]

[A high-order thinking course]




Submission deadlines:

Disclaimer: assignments from previous students cannot be shared due to the GDPR and other regulations about privacy. Additionally, each assignment should be based on the student's own reasoning, and not influenced by others' previous assignments. The electronic notes are my guide for running lectures and are not intended to fully contain everything covered during classes. It is the student’s responsibility to take notes during classes.
  • Intro to the module, learning outcomes, indicative syllabus and activities (pdf)
  • Research, Science & Computers: Computer Science Research (pdf) (video)
  • Developing a research hypothesis (pdf)
  • Q/A on research hypothesis + in-class examples and discussion
  • Questions on first assignment + Q/A
  • In-class activity on research hypothesis
  • peer-review marking of first assignments
  • research aims and objectives (pdf)
Videos Correlation analysis Distributions comparison Tests of normality An example in R
  • Intro to the second assignment + Q/A
  • In-class activity on refining your research hypothesis incorporating the concept of significance
  • Dissemination of research (pdf)
  • Intro to the third assignment + Q/A
  • In-class activity on refining the research hypothesis and defining research objectives
  • Wrapping up the semester
  • Q/A + specific feedback to individual questions